Mixing and Mastering Services

I bring a keen ear and technical expertise to every project, ensuring that each track reaches its full sonic potential. I try to support the artists intentions.

I have worked for Bandit Voyage, Steiner & Madlaina, Arthur Hnatek, Evelinn Trouble, Matthieu Benjamin, Arthur Robert, Joton, Ocktawian, Faber, Sibylle Berg, Bold Sauce, Ziska Staubli, Tim & Puma Mimi, Unconformist, Angelo Repetto, Domi Chansorn, Moder und Sauerland, HAUSVRAU, Sita Messer, Yvonne Nightstand, Marlon Brandloch, Magna Pia, Wolfman, Fjälla, and many more.

Attended sessions are possible in my studio in Zurich.

A selection of outboard i’m currently using:

  • Neve Master Bus Transformer
  • McDSP APBx8
  • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème

I am using Barefoot Footprint 01 monitors in a treated room.

My mastering rate is CHF 99/track. I offer discounts for projects bigger than 5 tracks.